Business Intelligence

Business intelligence helps companies gain new insights based on available information and key figures. A specific evaluation of their business and customer data helps them understand their data even better and enables them to optimize processes and deduce strategies for business development.

Irrespective of whether our customers are medium-size businesses or global players, Pentaho tools constitute a powerful analytics platform. Our staff have been actively involved in the development of Pentaho and its community for years.

Together with our customers, we ensure that company data can be processed to display all relevant, up-to-the-minute information. Together, we discuss expectations, select suitable technologies and implement the solution.

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Pentaho’s Open Source environment favours the continuous development of this modern, integrated and embeddable analytics platform that meets various demands on the ability to process different file formats and of large quantities of data.Owing to the merging of data integration and business analysis through Pentaho, IT workers and business users enjoy trouble-free access to all data relevant to the company, allowing it to be integrated, visualised and analysed. Pentaho Business Analytics provides a rapidly deployable, user-friendly and extremely cost-effective all-in-one solution. The suite enables data access, data integration, visualisation, analysis and prospective analysis.

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Continuous Delivery

The quality of software projects is of paramount importance to us. Our formula for success is Continuous Delivery, referring to a holistic approach consisting of product development, automation and tests. Benefit from our expertise and increase the quality of your software projects.As the name suggests, Continuous Delivery is about regularly providing efficient software. The feedback of users and clients allows us to identify and implement necessary adaptations at an early stage. Our customers support us in building largely automated infrastructures. We can thus increase quality during the development process while at the same time reducing cost.Even if your company does not develop its own software, you can still benefit from the advantages of Continuous Delivery because we apply its principles to all of our projects. The principles are:

Continuous integration
Release automation
Infrastructure automation
Automated and manual tests
Application performance management (APM)
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Customized Solutions

Your business is different from the competitor’s. It is thus only natural that your business transactions may not fit the functions of standard software. We play to our strengths and elaborate a requirements catalogue for individualized solutions. Subsequently, we translate your requirements into bits and bytes. The result is customized software which safeguards your business success.Through our close collaboration with specific departments and IT departments in various lines of business - ranging from commerce to hosting providers, we often translate business requirements into concrete solutions as well as taking on the role of implementer.We implement your requirements, whether for a pilot scheme or the integration of existing systems. Of course, we offer subsequent support.

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Open Source

Linux, Firefox and 7-Zip – nowadays, free and Open-Source-Software (FOSS) is used in almost all enterprises. This is not surprising, because free software solutions are available for all company requirements – at no investment cost.Currently, 75% of all companies have Open Source software in their IT portfolio. Customized solutions are often developed on the basis of free software, for example using JBoss, Pentaho and Hippo.

Many decision-makers, however, lack the certainty of having a competent contact person at their side in the event of problems.
Wordstobytes Business Solutions provides support for selected Open Source software such as Pentaho, JBoss and Xen.We focus on the following technologies:

● Infrastructure (Xen, KVM, OpenStack, Hadoop)
● Middleware (JBoss, Tomcat, Glasfish)
● Business Intelligence (Pentaho, PostgreSQL)
● Content Management (Hippo)
● Programming and Continuous Delivery (Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Java, Ruby, Python)

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