Our collaborators can draw on extensive project experience in different business sectors. All share our company philosophy which rests on three cornerstones:


To us, quality does not mean ticking the boxes of a check list at the end of a project. We actively manage a project’s process quality and implementation quality from the beginning. All of our collaborators’ work is assured thanks to the four eyes principle before it is passed on to the customer and used.


Being agile does not only mean being faster than the competitors but also adapting to changing circumstances. These can be changes in the market as well as internal reorganisations. Especially in development projects, changes in requirements and changes in system landscapes occur regularly. That is why Change Management is an integral part of all of our projects.


The basis of all our actions is our competence, both technical and process-related. Whether a project is about traditional project management or agile Scrum, Java or Python, Oracle or NoSQL, our collaborators are fully versed in the use of state-of-the-art technologies.But competence also means continuous improvement and consulting other experts, if necessary.It is for this reason that we an active member of the Open Source community, develop code and deliver lectures.

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