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Wordstobytes is your partner for developing customized IT solutions.As a full service provider, we advise and support our customers from the requirement analysis through to the software support.We bring together first class IT project management and competence in consulting and development.We translate your requirements into IT.

Advantage through Open Source

We love Open Source software. In order to guarantee high quality solutions at reasonable cost, we use Open Source products whenever possible. Of course you will also benefit from our expertise – because we are not only users of free software - but we are also an active member of the community.

Better software
for less

Together with you, we develop tailored solutions for your daily business. We bridge the gap between users and IT and accompany your projects throughout their life cycle providing continuous support.


Our practi​s​e​s​ in interacting with customers are characterized by three principles: quality, agility and competence. These principles are the basis for our decisions and ensure sustainable success for us and our customers.

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Business intelligence

Business intelligence helps companies gain new insights based on available information and key figures. A specific evaluation of their business and customer data helps them understand their data even better and enables them to optimize processes and deduce strategies for business development.

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Continuous Delivery

The quality of software projects is of paramount importance to us. Our formula for success is Continuous Delivery, referring to a holistic approach consisting of product development, automation and tests. Benefit from our expertise and increase the quality of your software projects.

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Customized Solutions

Your business is different from the competitor’s. It is thus only natural that your business transactions may not fit the functions of standard software. We play to our strengths and elaborate a requirements catalogue for individualized solutions. Subsequently, we translate your requirements into bits and bytes. The result is customized software which safeguards your business success.

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Open Source

Linux, Firefox and 7-Zip – nowadays, free and Open-Source-Software (FOSS) is used in almost all enterprises. This is not surprising, because free software solutions are available for all company requirements – at no investment cost.

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